An innovative new type of Art exhibit that blends visual and performing arts, with our unique mix of interactive art, media, and technology. We bring a whole new progressive experience to the audience goer. Pop's lineup will include Artists, Gamers, Dancers and Aerialists, Musicians,  Comedians, and Culinary. We inspire and create a platform for all creative types to reach the masses.  Art is a catalyst for economic growth in the Red Stick and we are taking an active role in our community to bring that home. The key ingredients to a growing city are its culture.  


Pop! Smart Show is a talent show that takes talented men and women right out of our backyard and into the public eye. Pop! Smart launched on June 4, 2015, at The Varsity Theater located at 3353 Highland Road, Baton Rouge, LA 70802. The 2nd installment occurred on August 19, 2015, and streamed live by our sponsors at Level 482 Gaming. On December 2, 2015, the third and final Pop! for 2015 premiere. I became inspired to raise awareness for disadvantaged youth in our area after meeting a set of high school students showing off their artwork at Anne Connely's Gallery. I started by donating my own digital camera to one of the youths. The next installment of Pop! offered any ticket holders an upgrade from General Admission to VIP with the donation of any art supply. Donations went directly to "The Future Fund "and "The Walls Project, a local nonprofit enhancing our community by beautifying the city with murals and teaching coding to disadvantaged youth to excel through technology. 



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